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August 26, 2020 | Richard Ellis

Going fully digital and virtual has become an inevitable reality as technology continues to transform our way of life and how we do business. This has become more evident now, with the outbreak of a global pandemic introducing a new normal that drove us to work remotely and businesses to shift their operations and transactions online.

Courtrooms and legal services are not new to this set-up. Digital technology adopted by justice processes is practiced in courtrooms and law firms through video conferencing. Back in 2015, a landmark distributed courtroom mock trial in Brisbane brought up both the efficiency and the nuisances of video conferencing in the justice system. On one hand, video conferencing improves access to justice and reduces travel time for all parties involved. Physical security is also ensured, in which people can participate in the video call in a secure place. On the other hand, issues that came up include problems with connectivity and having to upskill users to keep up with the digital transformation.

babl Global, a pioneer in the cloud-based conferencing space

As years go by, video technology providers are constantly stepping up to design solutions that keep up with the times and businesses’ evolving needs. Ahead of the game is babl Global, offering a suite of robust cloud-based collaboration and conferencing solutions for professional services providers. Among our products is bablLegal for law firms and legal professionals.

Privacy and security

Information security and confidentiality are especially crucial for legal matters. bablLegal has advanced security features to ensure compliance and confidentiality. The core of our objectives is to empower you to do business your way, without having to worry about disruptions and security issues. Our proprietary technology has the flexibility to smoothly integrate with your existing systems and processes. We work with you to provide customised solutions that support the unique way you do business.

bablLegal empowers law firms to have full control over your own private and secure conference clouds that have all the integrated features you need and can change as your business evolves. Your legal teams can maintain confidentiality in their calls with our enhanced security features. The LiveCall Manager feature gives you a real-time view of what’s happening on your call. The host can see everyone who joins, can remove participants, can lock calls, and can use the private lobby. The Timebound conferencing feature assigns each participant with a unique single-admission PIN to prevent uninvited participants from joining. You can also set an expiry date for every room so that it will automatically be deleted and cannot be accessed after it expires.

Network resilience

Gone are the days of wasting the first few minutes of your video call because of connectivity issues, getting disconnected from the call or not being able to hear each other clearly.

You can now focus more on the quality of the conversation with your client without worrying about the quality of the conference call. bablLegal guarantees a reliable conference call service with far-reaching international coverage across over 120 international locations. Our multiple points of presence (POPs) and intelligent call routing ensure a stable and resilient connection, guaranteeing that all your calls will have the highest quality audio and video.

Smooth integration and onboarding

Partnering with bablLegal means receiving your dedicated onboarding plan to ensure a smooth transition and personalised training. Your system and its users will be able to easily adopt the technology in no time. You will also have a dedicated user-friendly portal where you can easily schedule calls and access information on your account, call summaries, and billing records, among other intuitive features. Quick joining has also never been easier through our one-click process and smart dial-out technology –

you don’t have to worry about forgetting room numbers and PINs.

Make the most out of your time and expenses

bablLegal’s portal helps you reduce case administration time and empowers smarter allocation of expenses. Your dedicated portal allows for hassle-free matter number referencing. Each user will have an unlimited amount of dedicated rooms for specific matter numbers. You can easily add references to conference rooms so that all conference calls in that room will be automatically referenced. The call summary will also include this information, making each call recordings, transcripts, and billing data instantly retrievable. This, along with real-time minutes and call costs tracking, improves your allocation of expenses to your clients, making sure that not a single cent goes to waste.

bablLegal also features a powerful Analytics Suite with free call recording and a highly accurate automated transcription with multiple language recognition. This helps reduces case administration time significantly and improves turnaround times. The transcripts will not only be useful for minute-taking purposes and attendance notes but are also highly reliable points of reference with the help of our AI Keyword Spotter. It can help you find specific keywords and phrases and it will direct you to the exact timestamp.

Backed by professional human support

While our innovative legal technology solutions are designed to automate and streamline your collaboration and conferencing processes, we combine this with the human touch to give you the highest quality service. Our world-class operators, translators, and moderators will assist you in event calls, while our in-house development team and support team are available 24/7 to provide you with fast and real-time issue resolution.

Contact us today to learn more about building your own private and secure conferencing cloud with babl Global.