HD call recordings, conversational transcripts and smart analytics tools that make your whole business smile

Save crucial time with instantaneous audio recordings and AI powered transcriptions

at a click of button with secure storage, download and replay


Recap and review your most important conversations

If you're drafting meeting notes and setting action points after your calls then our call HD recording and smart transcription features can help. Simply switch on call recording and let Alice (our smart AI) do the work, knowing you can revisit the audio and replay your conversations after the call


"Sorry, I can't attend the meeting this week"

Sound familiar? If people can't attend your meeting for whatever reason- there's no need to panic. You can simply share your meeting audio with non-attendees and give them access to a detailed transcript. Allowing everyone to stay up to speed, knowing exactly what has happened on the call


Powerful features


HD call recording at a click of a button


Optional translation into 30+ languages


Secure storage, download and replay


Search transcripts for keyword and phrases


Smart (AI) transcriptions by Alice


Custom data storage plans aligned with your business


How it works

Alice (our AI) captures your call in HD audio and then turns your calls into highly accurate and interactive transcriptions. Using multiple language recognition and synchronous diarisation she's more than just a voice to text tool, Alice can identify different languages, the voices of multiple speakers and magically syncs your conversations to the time it appears on the audio. This makes it even easier to read and review your conversations after your call.


Free data storage plans for your call recordings

It's completely free to hold your recordings securely in your cloud and you can set the amount of time that you wish to retain your recording data, supporting any compliance obligations you have such as MiFID II and/or GDPR. All at no extra cost!

            Make sure only the right people have access

As an administrator for your organisation, you can manage who has access to call recording functions and associated data, giving you more control to stop unwanted users from accessing confidential or sensitive information being shared


"We've found the service easy to use, the support brilliant and there have been considerable cost
savings over our previous provider"

Stiles Harold Williams LLP - Director