Tobias Raper


Tobias Raper, APAC CEO & Global Head of Sales and Marketing, based in Australia, his responsibility is to oversee the expansion, performance, and strategic direction of the APAC business and to lead the company’s global Sales and Marketing activities.

Prior to joining babl in 2020, he worked at Third Bridge, a Global Expert Network, working with the company’s Private Equity clients in the UK, before moving to Hong Kong to lead the company’s expansion and operation in the APAC region.

In his spare time, Tobias can be found playing cricket and hockey, spending time with his family or at the MCG watching his beloved Tigers.

Tobias has always been fascinated by the art of connecting people as he believes this is where opportunities lie, be it connecting businesses or connecting communities.

“A large proportion of the world’s practical knowledge is not readily available on the internet, it’s locked inside people’s minds and at babl, we are in the business of allowing this knowledge to be exchanged through a high-quality and secure conferencing solution”

His favourite quote is “Never say Never because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion” Michael Jordan.