babl supports new medical centre project in India

October 29, 2020 | Rohit Prasad

babl has announced they have sponsored the opening of a new medical clinic in Jagiri, a small village in Dharampur Taluka in the Valsad District of Gujarat, India.

babl worked with non-profit organisation Holistic Education Mission to deliver the HEM Jyoti clinic which will now serve 15 villages with little to no access to medical care. babl will pay for medical equipment, a trained doctor and 2 on-site nurses as part of this project.

babl CEO Jonathan Grant said, “It’s with great pleasure that we have supported this initiative. During these times it can be easy to forget that not everyone has the same access to health services“. Speaking on the clinic opening “We hope that this new clinic will change the lives of people within the local community in Jagiri, young and old, and for that reason we are immensely proud“.

babl’s financial support will help to purchase medical supplies

The opening of the clinic comes as great benefit to orphanage children and other children in the region where 1 in 5 are born anemic and suffer from other conditions such as from sickle cell – an inherited health condition that results in abnormality in oxygen-carrying protein hemoglobin found in red blood cells.

There will be 2 on-site nurses and one doctor who will visit the clinic on a weekly basis alongside daily consultations via a video conference.

A spokesperson for Holistic Education Mission said “Today we as an organisation completed 12 years and on this occasion we inaugurated HEM Jyoti (Jyoti means light in Hindi) Medical Clinic in our village Jagiri“. After the opening they reported “Villages were emotional and thankful as they will no longer have to travel 35-40km just to see a doctor“.

Villagers being briefed on how the clinic will function and how they can make use of the local facility.