Meet babl’s COO with Third Bridge DNA

December 1, 2020 | Muna Numan

Tell us about your career background?

Prior to my current role overseeing Operations for Babl, my entire career has been in IT Infrastructure. I worked my way up from helpdesk & desktop support roles to my most recent job as Global IT Director for Mohawk Group, Ltd. I joined Third Bridge in September, 2016 and spent 2 years as IT Solutions Manager (North America) assisting David Dodd in building out the US and global teams.

You were at Third Bridge before joining babl – what made you make the switch?

I accepted the offer from Mohawk Group in October, 2018 as the next step in the advancement of my career, but maintained a close relationship with many of my Third Bridge friends from every office and vertical. Most notably, I have stayed very close to my former IT Solutions Team colleagues as we highly value each other’s advice, support and technical insights.

You were at Third Bridge before joining babl – what made you make the switch?

Senior members of the IT Solutions Team at Third Bridge are responsible for selecting and promoting the technical tools that are most beneficial to the revenue-generating verticals of the business. During my time, we identified a need for an improved conferencing platform for both Connections and Forum, and established the relationship with Jonathan Grant (CEO of babl, formerly SpeakServe). He listened to our requests and suggestions, and came back with a custom-built solution for Third Bridge’s needs. This extraordinary effort made our choice very easy and continues to this day.

What are you excited about at babl?

Many aspects of the opportunity we have here at babl excite me, but the most immediately tangible is the chance to reconnect directly with so many of my friends and peers at Third Bridge. Regarding the business itself, I am excited for the opportunity to have such a direct hand in building babl into THE “one-stop-shop” for enterprise virtual communications globally.

Any advice for the team at Third Bridge?

My goal is to create a top-tier service organization here at babl, which is rooted in the relationships we have with our clients. So, don’t ever hesitate to reach out with questions, suggestions or just to brainstorm!