How Much is Your Next Conference Call Worth to Your Business?

September 29, 2020 | Rohit Prasad

Embolden client, media and investor relationships with an event and conference call service that you know you can trust.

The true cost of your call The cost of your next conference call isn’t just the expense of the call is charged.

As the CEO, CFO or IRO or appointed corporate communications  professional of a business you know that the cost of your next  conference call isn’t just the expense of the call being charged, but  rather the value attached to the outcome of the call.

A positive event call experience has powerful influence on the value of  every call, it impacts the relationships that you have carefully (and  expensively) cultivated, as well as the quality of the conversations that  you have. A faulty connection or a disrupted conference call  experience can be the difference between securing highly sought  after investment, or building important relationships that could make  or break yours or your clients business.

It is on calls such as these, that you require a secure conference call provider that you can trust to deliver an impeccable event call experience, removing the fear of common call frustrations such as unreliable services, in-call disruptions and complex joining processes that can frustrate participants and speakers, alike.

A trusted conference provider

babl is trusted by leading financial institutions, corporate communications and public relations organisations as well as equity and law firms.

As an experienced Investor Relations, Financial and Corporate  Communications provider babl understands the nature and high value of the conversations that are occurring on your investor,  analyst or media relations calls.

Using our innovative proprietary technology and experienced team we are able to provide an unparalleled service that will ensure that you can get the most out of your next conference call.

Helping you to improve communication and enhance relationships that will benefit yours or your clients business. All whilst notably simplifying processes and reducing the overall costs of both conference and event calls by removing unnecessary call charges with transparent billing and reservations services.

Event call features

A seamlessly planned, professional or self-managed event call experience for your business.

Transforming the traditional Operator Assisted Call, babl enables the host to control who can enter the call, who can speak and who is muted from our easy to use LiveCall Manager® tool, providing complete visibility whilst the call is in progress. We also offer an experienced professional moderator service that provides a host of professional management features and services.

  • Pre-registration services, online or managed
  • Schedule and invite participants through the portal
  • Dial-in or dial out to your participants
  • Branded welcome messages
  • FREE call recording, and automated digital transcription
  • FREE secure digital call archive
  • FREE Automatic transcription and keyword spotter
  • FREE operator connection
  • FREE attendee report
  • No overage fees, amendment fees or minimum use
  • Named account manager and 24/7 access to support

Conference call features

Make it easier than ever to connect with remote teams, clients or partners across the world using our conference call services.

  • A reliable (99.999%) conference call service with local and freephone dial-in numbers from over 140+ countries around the world
  • Reservationless and conference scheduling through our intuitive Portal
  • Useful call features such as dial out to participants, mute line, mute  participants, initiate call recording and lock the call
  • Advanced security features to ensure compliance and confidentiality
  • Free call recording, digital transcription and self-service voice analytics üUnlimited rooms, users and participants
  • Branded welcome message and optional dedicated numbers
  • Wallet cards issued to all users containing conference call details
  • Real-time billing, view statements, call summaries and account  information via Call Portal
  • A named account manager and 24/7 access to human support
  • Self-service event calls using our LiveCall service
  • Professional operator managed event calls
  • Proprietary technology with API integration to your existing systems

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