The future of Programmable Telecoms

CxTech and why “the cloud” has always been the future of Programmable Telecoms

Telecommunication companies have been notoriously slow at adapting and leveraging the agility of the cloud. In fact some of the most successful businesses out there are still running wires in and out of stacks and plugging in physical equipment both on client sites and on base in order to provide communication solutions that are resource heavy, inflexible and expensive. But why?

Slow innovation in Telecoms businesses’ is not a historical problem

Not long ago the telecommunications industry consisted of a club of big national and regional operators. However in the early 2000s deregulation provided a decentralised market place and the traditionally monopolised market was thrown upside down paving the way for rapid innovation, with smaller service providers providing new equipment, services and infrastructure.

So, if innovation isn’t the problem, then what is…

Telecoms companies were focused on one thing only

Telecoms operators have traditionally made the most money from the traditional telephone call, and with hundreds of players in the market, competitors consistently relied on price as a way to differentiate themselves.

In the corporate market place however, the biggest factor that drives a purchase has been quality and reliability of service. Global businesses have always relied heavily on telecom infrastructure in order to support transnational operations which means that quality of service is a must have for any business. This also meant that the service providers added the most value to their customers by focusing on delivering high quality audio and service resilience over everything else. And at the time – with many regions and countries lacking access to high quality internet connections or reliable wireless signalling, the most consistent way for providers to deliver against this promise was to physically plug in lines into an office and use local providers.

Telecom providers failed keep up with the new technologies

Maybe they are being risk averse? But, it is apparent that something along the way has stopped some UC (Unified Communications) providers from innovating and embracing the cloud. In fact many providers (some of our largest competitors) are still focused on delivering the same plug-in-and-play services that are resource heavy, expensive and lack the flexibility required to meet growing client requirements.

The ways that your customers communicate have changed

Looking forward, you can see the goal posts have already changed. The majority of businesses that were previously reliant on high quality audio only services are now looking at ways to diversify how they communicate both internally with their teams and externally with their clients.

Enterprise businesses are now looking at themselves much more as content delivery networks, bringing in new roles such as “Head of Content Delivery” and growing expectations mean that they beginning to require more service variety from their UC provider.

Why “the cloud” is an clear advantage

Those companies that have already been investing in the cloud are able to rapidly introduce more diverse functionality and service to their clients, including creating new SaaS applications (like our online portal) and bringing in new features such as video and chat at a more rapid place. The other benefits of the cloud also include the ability to offer an almost limitless and programmable service anywhere in the world. The cloud essentially offers clients access to the widest range of software and features as they benefit from low cost, feature rich, scalable solutions that are tailored to their business.

Look for a provider that can deliver a ‘smart’ customisable solution

The rise of CpaaS (communications provider as a service) solutions such as the Speakserve Custom Cloud is bringing through new opportunities to businesses that are looking for more tailored communications services and content delivery.

A custom system means that larger enterprise clients have the ability to service their teams and deliver their communications in the ways that work for their business, rather than shoe-horning provider processes into their business model. Thus giving them the freedom to be in control of their product roadmap whilst driving efficiencies and reducing costs.

As IT business leaders, it is important that you’re selected communications provider delivers upon current and future requirements, with businesses needs changing so rapidly – agility is key.

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