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With enterprise technology, a one-size-fits-all approach rarely works. Every business is different, each with their own unique requirements and it’s essential that technology providers use this understanding to deliver more dynamic and personalised tools for their enterprise-level clientele. Communication and collaboration technology are no different – for global businesses, high-quality conference call services are sought after, but it can be frustrating when the majority of providers sell static tools. Rather than selling  a one-size-fits-all solution, providers should really be asking individual businesses, “what do you want your conference call service to look like?” so it can truly work for them.

Just imagine what your business could do with the agility to create your own custom solution, tailoring your conferencing to your specific needs. You can stop imagining because with our world-class architecture and proprietary technology we can now provide our enterprise-level clients with truly unique conference call experiences. This means we can not only guarantee calls of excellent quality. but we will give you the privacy of your own instance that works for your teams and empowers the unique ways that you do business. You can create new features or request modifications to existing features to fit the nature of your work and/or industry. We get that integration challenges are the biggest upheaval when it comes to on boarding new systems for larger enterprises who already use a host of other systems in-house, but using our API,  we can build a custom solution that integrates with your existing CRM and billing systems at the click of button – the possibilities are endless.

You don’t have to create a custom conference call solution for use across the whole business though. If like many enterprises you have different locations or a number of departments, you can actually take things a step further and personalise across the organisation, so each location or department has their own version with the adjustments they want, all without affecting the other parts of your business.

1. Custom call experiences

Other than features and integrations what else can be customised? Room types, branding, reporting, the list goes on. A conference room is the virtual space into which everyone dials to have their conference or meeting. We provide our clients with a range of conference room types with standardised configurations, but you can create custom rooms as well where you pick the options that you want to create a completely unique configuration. You can then give these custom rooms their own naming to enable easy identification and reduce human error when it comes to scheduling calls.

2. Custom branding

A custom solution wouldn’t be custom if it didn’t involve incorporating you own branding. From your own welcome message and/or disclaimer playing as guests join your call that makes each and every call experience your own. The user portal can be branded across the organisation with a company logo to ensure it has the look and feel you desire. We understand that your brand voice is also important and that’s why we offer enterprise clients the opportunity to make adjustments to our standard email invitation templates, so it uses the words (and personality) that resonates most to them when sending call invitations out to participants.

3. Custom reporting

Every organisation needs to be able to show a return on investment from the technology they use. It’s part and parcel of business operation and efficiency and conferencing should be no different. If you have specific requirements for the types of reports that you and your teams need in order to ensure an optimum ROI – all you need to do is let us know and we can work with you to create the reports that work for you.

Is it costly to make a customised solution?

There are no costs attach to development. As an enterprise you tell us what you want your conference call service (one or many different instances) to look like, we’ll listen and design it. Only when your satisfied and the solution is ready to be deployed and your 100’s or 1000’s of users begin using the service is when you actually begin to be charged. This means that getting the ball rolling on a bespoke solution only requires you to pick up the phone or drop us a line and we can start creating something you will be happy with (and not frustrated by).

Are you the only provider that does this?

The simple answer is yes. There aren’t many providers out there that actually own their own technology or design it in-house, therefore they lack the capabilities to be able to customise their solutions on a business-by-business basis. Speakserve are unique in our ability to make customisation and personalised conferencing solutions a reality for enterprise-level firms across the globe.

If that’s not enough, some of our large corporate customers have already created custom solutions with the features and integrations they want enhancing their existing business processes. A large percentage of which are financial institutions, law firms, governmental and research and expert network companies. They trust us because we are competent technology developers that can create just about anything, if you have an idea of how you want your conferencing technology too to look like, we’ll make just that.

If you would like to speak one of our expert team so we can start building your own private or custom conferencing solution or would simply like to hear more about what you can customise please get in touch.


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