Tulchan Group is a strategic financial and corporate communications advisory firm. With offices in London and Singapore, they provide clients across the globe with expert advice on financial, corporate communications, investor relations, crisis and issues management and more. 

They help their clients, typically leading companies in Europe and the US to build and protect their reputations with all stakeholders. As a result of expansion, they needed to communicate and collaborate securely between different offices, with clients and deliver messages/statements to the financial media/key stakeholders in times of stress, uncertainty and increased public interest.


When Tulchan approached Babl to facilitate they had experienced poor customer support from their previous supplier. One of the biggest frustrations was the time delay. When handling complex clients with a time-sensitive situation where the immediacy of response was high they needed a platform where client meetings and operator-assisted calls with investors, financial media could be booked and confirmed with minimal turnaround. Security, due to the handling of sensitive information, was paramount. Another key frustration for Tulchan was not being able to track who had access to what call data and they needed a more efficient way to carry out audits of calls to maximise the quality of service provided. With a previous provider, due to the delay in receiving invoices, Tulchan was also unable to rebill clients on time, effectively losing money impacting their cash flow and goals for achieving cost-neutrality.


Tulchan were provided with their own branded version of the platform that could be accessed through a simple, intuitive web portal. They had a simple call scheduling tool giving greater control over who received call details plus a relatively easy booking process was implemented for requesting operator-assisted call services to ensure their requirements for a fast turnaround were met.

A senior Client Account Manager from Tulchan, had this to say “As a company that provides strategic communications advice to clients, we rely heavily on high-quality interactions. Babl has been our preferred supplier for conferencing for some time, we have over 400 rooms for different clients and projects and average between 1-4 calls per day so the team definitely loves using the platform.”

A big part of their solution involved an abundance of security options such as automatic room deletion where a new room would be generated for every call to prevent and a real-time live view of every call provided maximum visibility over who was attending minimising any risk of people compromising the confidential information discussed. Their platform gave them a real-time view of costs in order to track and rebill at a faster rate. Tulchan’s solution included instant call recording data to aid them in carrying out the performance audits they needed at short notice.  

The Account Manager continues “It’s secure and there is clear visibility across the board in terms of costs. We also depend on Babl’s platform to deliver large-scale analyst calls, annual financial reporting and whenever our top-tier clients need to deliver messages to high-value audiences. Dialogue with the team is always very clear, quotes are sent through swiftly and we’re generally left at ease knowing our calls are being handled”