Third Bridge


Third Bridge is a top 100 private investment research company with the fastest-growing profits in the Sunday Times BDO Profit Track 2019. They operate globally with offices across three major continents helping some of the largest private equity funds, hedge funds and management consulting firms throughout the investment process to make better, well-informed investment decisions. They do this by providing access to the most relevant experts, their knowledge and expertise through private consultations, face-to-face meetings (connections) and detailed interviews (forum).


When Third Bridge approached Babl they were using several different conference call providers, each providing separate technologies to meet the needs of different departments and regional teams. Because the business was scaling up quickly this brought about its own set of unique challenges and frustrations.

Third Bridge was given an out-the-box solution by each of their providers meaning their processes were constrained by the technology used in each specific region. Unable to provide Third Bridge with a solution that could meet their specific needs and requirements. 

Third Bridge’s frustration was that they were a fast-growing business and to continue delivering exceptional client service and experiences they needed a provider that could align with them, work in partnership and give them power over their technology roadmap as they evolve, but they could not find the right one.

They were experiencing inconsistent call quality and service reliability with the different providers across different regions. The providers did not have the necessary infrastructure to make immediate improvements in these problem locations.

As a global business, it is essential that different teams can work collaboratively across time zones, but the issue with using different providers is staff had to become experts and confident with multiple technology platforms that all worked very differently leading to more time and resource spent on training.

Multiple call providers meant that billing and invoicing was complex and management and finance teams were unable to see call costs in real-time. Lack of transparency and need for more clarity was evident. 


The solution Babl gave Third Bridge was their own conference instance deployed in their own private cloud which was customised to the needs and requirements of each department and region. Babl were able to tailor their technology platform to deliver unique experiences for both participants and internal users, as well as reducing overall conference call costs.

Paul Driscoll, Head of Business Systems said “With its hands-on customer service and dynamic development team, Babl is able to cater to our business needs. They have one of the best user interfaces among the market, and it’s very simple to use. Their interactive dashboard and intuitive design allows for the fastest adoption amongst our colleagues and provides the user experience. Babl is very much our preferred conference platform.”

The solution would provide different parts of the business the ability to unify their solutions and create seamless caller experiences. 

This was achieved through pre-built custom room types that reduced “human error” and empowered users to choose predetermined functionality on their calls. 

By adopting a bespoke built feature, Multi-live view, Third Bridge was able to provide operations teams with a clear overview of all calls in real-time. Something they had not had before.

The solution provided them with a more secure platform with access to permissions to control what data and features could be used/accessed by their team members.

Third Bridge could see all call statements and billing data in real-time rather than waiting until the end of the month allowing them to consolidate costs and make significant cost savings. 

Paul continues, “Prior to using Babl, we had issues with receiving conference reports in a timely manner, by using Babl, they have superseded the market with their accurate conference reports to resolve any disputes and bill clients punctually.“