The Labour Party


The Labour Party had used Babl for their daily conferencing and collaboration needs for many years. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, they needed to think of new ways to hold their annual conference (Connected) that still protected the safety of their members. They recognised a virtual event would allow for the inclusion of people in the UK and abroad. The party needed to introduce their new leader, Keir Starmer, showcase policies, debate and deliver new ideas to build a modern manifesto to win the next election under their new leadership.


There were initial concerns as the party had not run an online event of this scale before. Having reached out to a number of providers, on the government procurement network, none could offer the technology, project management and/or support required to deliver the event according to their unique requirements and/or budget.

Babl turned around a proposal that showcased how the brief could be met and exceeded. The Labour Party had particular worries about interaction and inclusion of members with a virtual event compared to an in-person conference. Specifically, the key to the success of this event would be the ability to enable small discussion groups and ensure all those who wanted to contribute radical and effective ideas could be heard.


Babl would provide complete project management for the conference working with the internal team from the organisation and third parties to deliver the event. Babl would design each session in the event schedule, ensure the platform was white-labelled according to their branding and style guidelines and build a slick registration process for the event that integrated with the parties membership database.

Babl proposed a technology option that supported the secure delivery of live and pre-recorded content, various breakout rooms for discussions and also virtual booths for sponsors. Training and technology check would be carried out for all key personnel and speakers on the platform.

Babl would also provide full registrant and speaker support before, during and after the conference with a live help-desk to be put in place.


Babl seamlessly delivered the virtual conference, the platforms scalable capacity supported audience size of 20,000 attendees over a 4-day event schedule. The project was managed over 8 weeks in partnership with The Event House and additional third-party vendors, resulting in an 85% client satisfaction rating.

The Labour Party was provided with key performance metrics around attendance and session engagement post-event which demonstrated key learnings for future events.

As a result, the Labour Party returned positive feedback and is keen to use Babl again for future conferences should they need it as we continue to navigate through the pandemic.

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