Medical Advisory Service


The Medical Advisory Service (MAS), founded in 1986, utilise the expertise of qualified nurses who no longer work for the NHS to deliver independent telephone helpline and digital consultation services to other charities and healthcare organisations.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, they were unable to conduct important in-person meetings and needed to find an alternative.


When MAS was unable to bring together all parties for their annual general meeting to discuss the company’s performance and strategy, they were keen to host it virtually but could not find a suitable provider. They had experienced frustrations when trying to use Zoom facing problems with reliability and poor audio quality which made it difficult to use.


Babl understood MAS needed to act fast, the Babl team set up the AGM at short notice and provided help and guidance over the phone to ensure their nurses could join and participate without friction. The solution provided was highly secure, reliable and was utilised for use externally for meetings with their healthcare contracts for whom they were providing their advisory services to.

Jackie Holley, Senior Nurse Manager “We were unable to meet for our AGM and when we tried Zoom some of us had very poor reception. Having to find an alternative was difficult until Babl stepped in for us. We have been able to have a few Trustee meetings, plus meet with some of our contacts at our AGM which was a must. What stood out was the help they gave me as a pure novice. The friendliness and helpfulness of the Babl team exceeded my expectations”