Eversheds Sutherland


Eversheds LLP is a global multinational law practice and one of the 50 largest law practices in the world. They offer legal services to some of the biggest corporate firms across a range of sectors. Eversheds offices in the middle east wanted to overcome their reliance on multiple different systems with one platform that would enable high quality calls with clients and opposing counsel and enabled easy scheduling and administration for their legal secretaries. 


The Middle East – Dubai office was utilising multiple different systems, one of which, Arkadin, closed their operations there and were unable to provide 24-7 support to businesses in the region anymore. Eversheds wanted something more easy to use and each office needed something customised to them. The main problem to solve was scheduling. Their secretaries would be using the system mainly and would need an easy way to set up meetings, send out calendar invites, download call recordings etc, previous Arkadin web portal was very difficult to navigate. Fee earners would mainly be using the platform for calls with clients and opposing counsel for cases and disputes relating to settling mergers and acquisition and the signage of commercial contracts. Not being able to access recordings easily or knowing exactly how much each individual office was spending on conferencing were other frustrations.


Babl provided each Middle Eastern office with their own instance of the platform that could be used internally and externally, on a 1-2-1 basis or for group interactions. A dedicated on-site training programme was designed to promote easy adoption and to ensure the system aligned with each offices way of working.

The Dubai Secretaries said, “The importance of having an easy to use platform that allowed the secretaries to set up meetings, send out calendar invites, and download call recordings were paramount.

Implementing Babl allowed us to gain better control for all our fee earners at local levels, something we could not achieve with our previous provider.”