Construction Supply Specialists


Construction Supply Specialists Pty Ltd (CSS) is a nationwide alliance made up of independently owned and operated trade outlets who specialise in selling to the Construction, Mining, Engineering and Industrial Supply market segments across Australia.


“We believe that maintaining relationships is key in business, especially in and beyond a COVID-19 world.” Jeff, the Managing Director of the CSS Group, one of Australia’s largest buying, marketing and promotions groups in the construction industry would agree with us which is why he got in touch with us instead of cancelling their end of year celebrations.

The CSS group had originally planned to fly everyone out to Singapore from Australia and throw a huge party affectionately dubbed the Singapore Sling. Sadly, it became clear to CSS that they would have to look for an alternative.

Once Jeff got to talking with us at Babl about his predicament, we set about to create a demonstration of BablNetworking+ to show him how his event could still take place and even in a virtual environment it would look and feel like an in-person event.


Key areas of focus were to provide jeff and CSS with comfort and confidence that the event would be easy to access, support would be available and that the event would run smoothly

Platform access -One of the major benefits of hosting an event with BablNetworking+ is that access is granted via the click of an invitation link and no applications downloads are required nor is any special hardware.

Live helpdesk support – We provide phone and on-event support at the same time to make sure that attendees could get answers to any questions throughout the event.

Seamless execution – We conducted a rehearsal with event guests to ensure that they were clear on the flow of the event, their timeslot in the proceedings and how to activate “speaker” functions. Further, we would have an event moderator (just like an MC) to ensure the event ran smoothly and on schedule.

This three-pronged approach ensured guests did not have problems entering the event and had been given all the tools that they needed to enjoy the event. Those who did have minor technical problems were quickly addressed and were monitored to ensure that they did not have any further issues. “I’m still amazed that you were so easily contacted.  Communication is the key in business, and you have mastered that, so thank you for being available all the time.” Said Paul Davey, National Marketing Manager at CSS

When it was time for speeches, the Babl appointed moderator professionally addressed the captive audience and guided the speakers through the digitised agenda and made sure that the event ran like clockwork. Guests were guided by the moderator when to change tables to encourage networking.


The event was a resounding success with 40 of the 50 attendees staying on after the event to continue to socialise on the tables as if they were right next to each other.

Based on the success of this event, the CSS group are now contemplating how to integrate our solutions into other events into the future. It may not be the same as sipping Singapore Slings at the top of the Marina Bay Sands, but in the world we live in now, it was the next best thing.

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