Brunswick Hockey Club AGM


Brunswick Hockey Club is a Victorian Premier Hockey Club, located in Inner Melbourne and founded in 1923. With flourishing Mens, Womens, Junior and Masters sections, the club puts a strong focus on community engagement and providing access to the game of hockey for anyone who wants to play the game. With the Men’s 1st XI competing in Victoria’s Premier Competition and the club also running social teams, Brunswick is a hockey club that provides access to the game for all abilities and interest levels.


The restrictions imposed on Melbourne because of COVID19 meant that Brunswick Hockey Club was unable to fulfil its AGM requirements to its members in any format that it had done previously. Ultimately, they needed to deliver a virtual AGM to fulfil their duties. They needed a service that was intuitively simple for members to use, giving them access to easy to use voting solutions to elect new committee members and that would provide an engaging experience for its member community that had had no opportunity to engage with the club as a result of the lockdown. Brunswick Hockey Club has an array of technical literacy and they needed a solution that would cater to all levels and within a timeframe of 2 weeks.


Babl utilised its ‘Bablnetworking+’ product to provide Brunswick Hockey Club with the virtual event it needed to complete its AGM responsibilities. Attendees were able to socialise and re-engage with each other through virtual tables (of 6 people), which they could move freely between to engage different groups across the club, before and after the formalities.
With the commencement of the formal elements of the AGM, all attendees were brought into a central room where they were only able to see and hear the presenters on the screen to have their focus on the key messages presented by the club’s committee.

Evan Kittelty said “2020 has been an unprecedented and tough year for the club and all of its members. It was important for us to be able to have an AGM that allowed us to efficiently execute our duties with complete transparency and easy access for our members. However, importantly, it was also an opportunity for the club community to engage with each other, maintain a connection with the club and have some enjoyment after a season that was entirely lost. Evan added, “We have never run anything like this virtually before, so for both the committee and members it was uncertain ground.”
Babl provided Brunswick Hockey Club with full moderation services to ensure someone was on hand to help attendees with technical issues, ensure speaker transitions ran smoothly and to run the voting segments of the event.

Evan continues, “The team at Babl were there to support us throughout our journey in taking this online. They provided training and support before the event, assistance to speakers and attendees during the event, ran the voting and provided us with an attendee list after the event. It was a seamless move into a virtual environment thanks to Babl, and everyone fully enjoyed the opportunity to engage with fellow members before and after the formalities.