Australia China Business Council


Given the persistent challenge of 2020, ACBC NSW Chapter was unable to host an in-person event for their 2020 Christmas Gala and was looking for a way to deliver an engaging event online.


There was some concern about accessibility, ease of use and engagement levels from doing an event online. For the event to be a success, the ACBC needed the event to be dynamic, facilitate networking, and be able to mix formal with informal allowing for their members to interact with each other, the event sponsors and the ACBC board.

Having previously used another service provider which yielded less than desirable results, ACBC went to the market to find an innovative way to deliver a virtual experience.  

ACBC approached Babl with a brief for the event. We showcased how we could meet and exceed their brief through the interactive event experience that Babl Networking+ provides through seating plans, facilitating networking, a mainstage for speeches, videos and entertainment and even the capability for sponsorship booths, truly emulating an in-person experience.


Babl moderated the event for ACBC to ensure that attendees and presenters were engaged and informed on the agenda, the operation of the platform and able to utilise the technology to its fullest capacity.

CEO of Australian China Business Council, Alison Airey had this to say:

My organisation trialled Babl Networking+ at our online Christmas Gala event. Babl Networking+ was the star of the show, with guests excited about being able to jump from table-to-table and connect with a range of people throughout the night.  While our members enjoy the convenience of online events, they have missed the opportunity to network.  Babl provides the missing piece – enabling us to offer convenience AND networking. 

Dealing with Babl ahead in the planning stage was also a pleasure. They understood our needs and offered the right solutions.”

In the end, Babl was able to deliver a successful event, with people networking on virtual tables and even a wine tasting with an expert sommelier educating us about the beautiful Margaret River region in WA and the produce it has to offer.

After the event attendee, Lisa Goodhand, MD from China Blueprint Consultants had this say about Babl:

For the past 5 years, I have attended numerous tourism trade shows both domestically, and internationally, so I have gained a lot of experience in understanding their importance to an organisation and the value of physically attending. 

Personally, I prefer the idea of attending online because it means avoiding the long queues, travel times and crowds. My only concern would be missing out on meeting new people and networking, which is one of the benefits of physically attending. But with Babl Networking+ this fear has been conquered. 

I am a strong advocate of this platform because it offers so many aspects of live events, that haven’t been captured on other conferencing platforms. They are things like; ease of access, the ability to network and a way to keep me engaged throughout.   

In my view, this is the future of online conferences and trade shows and I am happy to be a part of it.

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