Exciting News : Babl completes acquisition of Exlink

May 16, 2021 | Richard Ellis

Babl is pleased to announce the acquisition of Exlink. Babl and Exlink had already been working together in partnership with our BablConnect product already embedded into Exlink’s technology.
Exlink has a workflow platform built for users in organisations such as Expert Networks, Private Equity firms, research businesses, strategic consultancies, and law firms. Using Exlink, clients can source the right experts for their business while tackling the associated requirements for their due diligence, project management, CRM, diary scheduling, billing, and collaboration, all on one platform.


Babl, CEO, Jonathan Grant had this to say. 

“We are excited to add exlink to Babl’s seamless collaboration technology stack. This acquisition allows us to help transform the ever-growing Knowledge-as-a-Service (KaaS) market.
Together, Babl and exlink can create seamless access to experts through secure and compliant video to provide the only independent software vendor in this space.”


The combination of BablConnect and Exlink creates a digital “Knowledge-as-a-Service” platform offering that gives organisations that conduct research/seek knowledge (e.g., investment banks, Expert Networks) the technology to do so in a secure and scalable environment. The platform allows users to provide clients with compliant and non-conflicted primary insights into their topic of interest.

Babl looks forward to the future developments of both BablConnect and Exlink in the coming months.

To request a demo of Exlink fill in the form here.

To find out more about the recent acquisition, read the article in Tech Market View here.