New CTO: Babl appoint Chris Martin as Chief Technology Officer

February 12, 2021 | Rohit Prasad

Babl has named Chris Martin as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the company. Chris joins Babl’s senior leadership team, reporting directly to Babl CEO Jonathan Grant.

“We are thrilled to have Chris come aboard as CTO for Babl. We needed someone that is organised and attentive to the finer details who understands scaling global technology and Chris has a wealth of experience building out systems and platforms in the SaaS/PaaS space,” said Jonathan. “Chris likes our trajectory and sees the opportunity in the marketplaces we are targeting with our highly functional product and tools. He will be a valuable addition to our senior leadership team”.

Chris joins Babl after a distinguished career and track record of working with SME’s, scaling, organising and inspiring technology teams, formulating technology strategies and delivery roadmaps in support of ambitious business growth.

Prior to Babl, Chris was the CTO of Powwownow for 8 years, during a time where he oversaw the company’s rapid expansion that led to its eventual acquisition by PGI in 2013 for $52.6m. He held the CTO role at Cheap Flights for 5 years, building out a travel fare metasearch engine and was IT Director at Ebuyer, an FMCG business selling electronic goods between 2005 and 2007. Chris began his career in the software engineering space holding various roles at IBM between 1988 and 1996.

Speaking with Chris following his arrival at Babl:

Chris, what excites you about joining Babl and this industry in particular?

“I like the business communications space, it’s rewarding and satisfying to build innovative technology solutions that enable professionals across the globe to communicate quickly and easily. There’s a misconception that this industry is dominated by the likes of Zoom and Microsoft Teams, but in truth, their platforms are very ‘vanilla’ meaning they don’t cater to client niche requirements or deliver specific solutions for different industry niches – I know Babl does and that’s really fascinating.

What came across immediately from everyone involved with Babl is the passion for the customer. A client isn’t just a number here, each client’s unique needs are considered and this is the area I want to exploit as we can really delight our current and future clients with this”.

What is the first thing on your radar to do or address as CTO?

“I want to understand the full capabilities of our technology, what our current processes are, the tools we are using and the technical skills we currently have in-house. This will give me a well-rounded picture of what we need to develop to become more agile, effective and efficient in order to accelerate our technology strategy and meet our ambitious growth objectives”.

In a few words, what do you think defines a great technology leader?

“For me, a great technology leader is someone who can create the right environment for the technical team to thrive. It’s as simple as that”.

How do you keep up with the latest and most important technology trends?

“I like to maintain a good knowledge of things in my spare time, I subscribe to forums and read news articles which help me to keep my finger on the pulse of evolving technologies. Whenever I come across something interesting, I’m always thinking about how can this be applied generally, or how can that be applied to what I’m doing immediately. I’m particularly interested in AI and often engage in conversations about the social implications of AI and Machine Learning. We are building machines that can learn and make decisions without needing programs to direct them which is powerful, but there are ethical considerations that need to be raised and discussed.”

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