Bringing global professionals together

We’re on a mission to help provide secure and seamless ways for business professionals to connect and have important conversations, no matter where they are in the world. We know that every business is different, and that one type of meeting can differ completely from the next. Our unique tools and services make it super easy for all types of professionals to nurture relationships, navigate deals and showcase important messages in a way that works best for them.

Speakserve High Quality Conference Calls

Our Story

When we started out as Speakserve in 2002, we wanted to build a high-quality way for people to connect, collaborate and have important business conversations. We wanted to create a place where professionals could come together securely and with confidence because the bottom line is that great conversations are at the heart of every valuable business relationship.

Fast-forward to 2020, with the launch of Babl, we're so excited to provide, seamless crystal clear 4k video conferencing as part of our tech stack.

  1. Where it all started
    Created one of the world’s first cloud telephony systems – The Speakserve Cloud
  2. Our first major milestone
    Signed our first client – a law firm
  3. Our first client
    First event call service launched, hosted our first moderated call with our operations team to over 20 participants
  4. Innovation begins
    Development team creates unique programming language that allows for greater customisation in the cloud
  5. Our first custom solution
    We built our first custom cloud solution for global giant who still uses our tools today!
  6. New leader joins
    New CEO, Jonathan Grant joins Speakserve from New Voice Media
  7. Innovation continues
    Creates another first! Speakserve showcases their new transcription and keyword analysis tool that allows customers to search keywords and playback their recordings
  8. Product portfolio expands
    Speakserve becomes a WebEx reseller (but we have big plans to build our own video conference tools)
  9. New office opens
    Opens new London office
  10. Launched new solutions
    Launched new PR and Government solutions
  11. Launched new solutions
    Shaped our new AI, Alice – the heartbeat of our new platform, making intelligent based decisions for our new platform
  12. Operations centre opens
    Opened new Operations Centre in Basingstoke, Hampshire
  13. Omega platform launches
    New platform launch – “Speakserve Omega”
  14. Speakserve becomes Babl
    Babl launches crystal clear video based conferencing with WebRTC. In May, Babl establishes itself as a global business with the hire of APAC CEO, Tobias Raper.
  15. More innovation
    We’re bringing on new innovative ideas and technologies at a rapid place take a look at our innovation lab to find out more

We empower the unique ways that you do business

The most important part of our relationship with our clients is to really understand how their business works, as well as uncovering what their future technological aspirations are. That way we can provide them with suite of products and integrated collaboration and content delivery services that will be easy for users to adopt and love, whilst ensuring the resilience, service reliability and scalability that is required.


Because we own our technology we can be more flexible than other providers delivering a customised solution that will integrate with an individual businesses processes and support the unique way that they do business.

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Our Values

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Quality First

We strive for excellence, consistency and quality above all else, it is a rigorous commitment for our clients and for ourselves

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Relentless innovation

We are driven by the relentless need to solve problems and challenge the status quo, this drives innovation and continuous development

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Make it simple

We make it as easy as possible to use our tools and to work with us, no matter the nature of our relationship

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Bring positive energy

We are positive and bring high energy to everything that we do, we believe that energy improves collaboration and drives action

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Listen with curiosity

We are curious about our customers and the wider marketplace, we make sure that we always listen before we speak

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Create a legacy

We are committed to nurturing the development of others, providing ample opportunities to achieve and exceed upon personal goals whilst paving the way for the future