Ensure the best experience when using babl at Third Bridge

December 1, 2020 | Muna Numan

Here are some top tips to using babl to provide a best practice experience to your consultation attendees:

#1 Provide meeting attendees with dial-in numbers

When creating a meeting invite, best-practice process is to include the dial-in numbers relevant to each invitee’s region. This ensures meeting attendees know how to join and that Third Bridge is using the best-priced option.

#2 Create a number group to speed up scheduling

If you require multiple international numbers for your participants, you can create a frequently used numbers list to make the task of adding numbers more efficient. 

Creating a number group, Adding number groups to a room and Utilising call registration is easy with these articles.

#3 Web RTC gives access globally via the internet using computer audio

Joining a call via the Web RTC link means using your computer audio and internet connection to join a call. Find the Web RTC link and Join a call using web RTC, just follow these steps.

#4 Manage your meeting with Live View

Manage your calls with our unique Live View call manager. Live View has a host of best-practice call management and moderator features and allows you to see who has connected, who is speaking in real-time, and where they are calling from – so you have a seamless and uninterrupted meeting experience right from the start. Here’s some guidance on How to start using Live View and How to navigate Live View Toolbar.

#5 Use Multi Live View to monitor multiple calls simultaneously

Sometimes you may have a need to monitor multiple conference calls at once so we made it easier through our room Multi View. Use Multi View more effectively with this easy to follow guide.