4 in-person events you can still run virtually this year

October 9, 2020 | Rohit Prasad

We have all had to change the way we do things this year. The impact of coronavirus and restrictions on mass public gatherings has shifted how we work and do business forever. Perhaps there is no better example than the events and hospitality industry – the days of being able to host an event of significant scale, at a venue of your choice are well and truly gone. That doesn’t look to be changing any time soon either. If you’re a business, professional body or not-for-profit, you’ve probably had to cancel events this year.

What remains fairly new to many – virtual events – are offering new possibilities with many benefits. But if you’re not yet sold or simply don’t know whether the event you had in mind can be done virtually with little hassle – no need to worry. So long as you utilise the right partner – a suitable event platform, you can still replicate some of the most intricate and interactive in-person events in a way that provides the same, authentic, life-like experience for your attendees. Here are 4 types of events you can still run entirely virtually this year.

Corporate events (like end of year drinks and Christmas parties)

Everyone looks forward to their annual Christmas party and this year is no different. Running your end of year party virtually may be what is needed to boost morale and keep your employees well being in check. Just imagine, everyone joins an online platform and can virtually move from table to table, mingle and have fun over some drinks. It is possible to still run your Christmas party or end of year drinks this year safely with babl, so no need to cancel. 

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Industry body events (such as networking)

Networking remains the lifeblood of business, from industry to industry there is every need to continue delivering opportunities for different people to come together. Virtual events can be a great way to create an environment for relationship building. People simply login to the platform and are able to visit virtual tables that can have specific topics of discussion or people from certain industries, the options are endless. And the experience is very much like being in a real event space, except pants are optional.

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Charity events

If you’re a charity, you know better than anyone else that your events can come in different shapes and sizes, from charity balls to auctions and fundraisers. Charity is all about ‘making a difference where it matters’ and now it’s time to do something different so charity events can continue. Through enabling charity events to run virtually, it gives everyone unrivalled access to your charity events therefore making room for more attendees from more locations.

Award ceremonies

Award ceremonies, whether business or industry-specific remain a great way to recognise achievements. They shouldn’t be cancelled or not celebrated because of the pandemic. With a virtual awards ceremony, you can mimic in-person industry awards but save on the venue hire, travel, and catering.

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