Our secure infrastructure & security features

Secure, intuitively simple, cloud-based video, audio and web conferencing, with reliability you can trust

Meet, speak, collaborate and succeed through immersive video calls with screen sharing plus high-quality audio and web calls designed with security at its heart


Manage your calls in real-time with Live View ensuring full visibility of your participants so you never have to fret about 'who just joined' or 'who's talking' ever again. Plus enjoy HD call recordings and AI-powered transcriptions made available instantly after your call finishes


Audio conferencing with the highest definition sound quality

Get immediate access to high-quality conference calls with an unlimited number of participants and no downloads or installations required


Simply share your details, dial in and everyone joins from wherever they are in the world using any device with over 120 international locations covered (and counting...), or conveniently dial out to your participants so all they do is pick up the phone and they're connected to the conversation in a wink


Add video for a more immersive meeting experience

Add another dimension to your conference call by showing your face or sharing your screen with one-click - all you need is a compatible browser like Chrome


Benefit from a more real face-to-face conversation that feels as personal and engaging as bringing your teams, clients and partners together in one room.


Easily share your entire screen, application window or chrome tab, you can even share .doc and.pdf files with your participants and use the dedicated chat messaging function to add comments, share ideas and take your collaboration to the next level



Call recording and smart AI-powered transcriptions

Record and review your most important conversations with HD call recording, secure cloud storage and instant replay


Let Alice (our AI) help reduce the worry that anything is missed on your meeting notes with conversational transcriptions available immediately after your call


Use her smart tools to search for specific phrases and keywords, pinpointing the exact time that these were mentioned and replay the audio using the audio player

Improve visibility and manage your calls in real-time using Live View

Live View provides the host with unique controls to ensure every important call runs seamlessly from start to finish. With one-click from your portal dashboard, you can see the status of your participants on screen as they join the call


Use 'dial-out’ to connect expected participants or to add new participants to the call. Use 'redial' to connect any participants that get disconnected (for whatever reason) straight away


See who is speaking in real-time, who has asked a question, mute and unmute lines, take some of your participants to a private lobby, remove unwanted participants, lock the call to prevent anyone else joining and more


Did you know? You can manage multiple calls happening at the same time with our smart Multi Live View


Use live moderator features

Dial out to your participants at any time  

View the status of participants

See who is speaking in real time 

Easy access from your Babl Cloud dashboard

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